Spinal Champions: a person who has achieved an improved quality of life through treatment for a spinal injury or disorder.

Our Spinal Champion Programs provide much needed relief from the emotional and physical challenges that spinal patients face. We are pioneering two patient support initiatives that bring together spinal patients, allowing them to share their experiences, offer support, and find strength and comfort in others who are battling similar challenges.  “Ask a Champ” and “Give Back” are two ways that we support and bring together patients who may be at different stages of their journey; connecting individuals with similar spinal injuries or disorders, allowing them to offer hope and encouragement to one another.

“Ask a Champ” is a platform through which patients have the ability to submit questions anonymously (following HIPAA compliance), with SRF acting as an intermediary to review and approve responses (with input from medical experts), and then connecting with a Spinal Champion that responds to their inquiry with a level of empathy and first hand experience that can only be provided by someone who has “been there”.

“Give Back” is the next step, a program designed for patients who are ready for a peer mentoring program.  Those who have regained their quality of life through noninvasive or surgical treatment, are able to offer personalized support and guidance to spinal patients as they journey to overcome their own issues and become Spinal Champions themselves.

Check back for further developments, but we welcome you to share your story!