Prevent and identify symptoms of back and neck pain.

community-icon   Prevention: Behavior and lifestyle factors that help prevent back and neck pain.

  • community-icon   Posture: Proper spinal alignment helps to alleviate and prevent back pain.

  • community-icon   Workplace Ergonomics: Maintaining a healthy back and neck at the office.

  • community-icon    Safe Lifting: Learn proper lifting technique to protect your spine.

  • community-icon   Relax: Avoid back pain with stress reducing practices.

  • community-icon   Sleeping: Identify the best ways to sleep for a healthy back.

  • community-icon   Smoking: Understand the impact that smoking has on bone density, disc health, connective tissues, and more.

  • community-icon   Nutrition & Weight Control: Maintaining a healthful weight and good nutrition assists in back pain prevention and reduces stress on the spine.

  • community-icon   Exercise: A commitment to fitness helps prevent back pain and speed recovery if pain does occur.

  • community-icon   Physical Therapy for Prevention: Consider physical therapy before pain occurs to avoid back and neck pain from occurring at all.

community-icon   Spine SpecialistsA guide for choosing a medical professional that fits your needs.