Understand conditions and how to communicate with providers.

community-icon   Choosing a Specialist: Identify the best spine specialists for you.

community-icon   Conditions: Learn more about your spinal health condition.

  • community-icon   Disc Degeneration: The aging process of the discs in the spine that can be either minor discomfort or inhibiting pain.

  • community-icon   Facet Syndrome: Inflammation of the facet joints that are located between the vertebrae in your spine.

  • community-icon   Herniated Disc: Wear and tear of the spine over the years.

  • community-icon   Spondylolisthesis: Pain caused by one bone in the back sliding in front of the bone below it.

  • community-icon   Stenosis: Narrowing of the spinal column resulting in varying degrees of discomfort.

community-icon   Diagnostic Procedures: Understand the different testing and imaging techniques.