• Demystifying Finding Your Perfect Shoe

    Demystifying Finding Your Perfect Shoe

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    What is Functional Exercise?

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Exercise is critical to maintaining a healthy back. People who exercise regularly are less likely to suffer from back pain, and they can recover more quickly if injury occurs.

There are three types of exercise: strengthening, stretching, and aerobics (cardio).

  • Do back strengthening and stretching exercises 2-3 times per week.  If you are already exercising, adding these exercises can minimize injury, speed recovery, and improve your performance.

  • Try something new if your cardio workout needs a kick of motivation: try Pilates, yoga, or a cross-training program like Crossfit.  Swimming and walking can be very effective while being less stressful on your joints.

Always use good form!  Talk with a trainer to be sure.

The most successful exercise regimens are those that work with your personality, lifestyle, and goals.

Can’t exercise because you are disabled/in pain/overweight?  Don’t give up – these can actually be the best reasons to exercise.  Ask your doctor for ways to get started and work around your obstacles, or contact a Center of Excellence near you. Your doctor may recommend a visit with reputable physical therapist who can provide stretches and exercise regimens specific to your needs.