Preparing for Surgery

Preparation and a positive attitude will make your post-surgery recovery more successful.  Feeling well-prepared for surgery will help foster a sense of control and confidence.   Be as strong and well-rested as possible prior to your surgery – you will be more capable to tolerate pain, change position, walk more easily, and progress with your rehabilitation.

Most importantly, make sure you:

  • Eat healthy balanced meals for several weeks prior to surgery.

  • Stay fit, or lose any weight necessary.  Not only will your surgery be easier on you – and your doctor – but you could even minimize the need for surgery by reducing the load on your back!

  • Stop smoking – you’ll improve your blood oxygenation during surgery and decrease the chances of getting pneumonia.

Helpful pre-planning:

  • Consult the pre-operative information provided by your doctor

  • Keep frequently used items like toiletries, clothes, and your phone nearby

  • Have slip-on shoes ready

  • Place paper cups and plates on the counter for post-surgery ease

  • Prepare a few meals in advance

  • Ask a relative or friend to check in on you