Safe Lifting

It’s not how much you lift, it’s how well you lift – while exercising and every day:

  • Think mechanics before you lift –  How you will physically lift an object?  Where will you place your hands, how can you use leverage as an aid?

  • Ask a friend for help.

  • Test the object’s weight – if it  is hard to hold, it may be very difficult to lift.

  • Bend your knees.  Squat close to the object with your back straight and head up.

  • Stand, using your legs and core to lift.

  • Keep your back straight using a neutral spine.

  • Keep the object close to your body.

  • Maintain good balance and remain steady.

  • Keep breathing.

Never twist while lifting!  For example, resist the temptation to turn and retrieve something from the back seat of your car.