Christopher J. Gorini, Ph.D.
Christopher J. Gorini, Ph.D.Research Director
Chris oversees the foundation’s research program, establishing research priorities, developing and maintaining collaborative research partnerships to further the mission of the organization, and advising the SRF President and Board of Directors on research projects and areas of scientific interest. With his help and expertise, SRF is able to maintain a research environment that encourages creativity and collaboration.

Two things I can’t live without: Aleve and Soda Water.

I most admire: Those that think of others before themselves.

Best advice received: Think of the consequences your actions may have.

In my spare time, I like to: Run, bike, watch college sports, and travel.

Favorite place in the entire world: This is a difficult question – I’m going to pick two: Perth, Australia and New Jersey!

Professional accomplishment I am most proud of: My three-year post-doctoral work in bioengineering at Stanford University, which I like to think has helped advance the field of optogenetics for both reducing peripheral pain an restoring peripheral motor function using light-activated proteins.

Sabrina M. Woodlief, B.S.
Sabrina M. Woodlief, B.S.Research Analyst
Sabrina coordinates the ongoing clinical trials at SRF and works to maintain integrity of the data by ensuring good clinical practices and adherence to study protocols. She is also responsible for the delivery of our current educational initiatives, including serving as the Associate Editor of the Journal of the Spinal Research Foundation. Sabrina also serves as the System Administrator for SpineOnline, our web-based research platform, providing ongoing support to both patients and providers.

Two things I can’t live without: Travel and puppy kisses…in no particular order. 😀

Favorite holiday: Independence Day – When I was a child, I thought that my parents gathered hundreds of people, no matter where we were on vacation that year, all for my birthday weekend (July 5). I was sorely disappointed when I realized it wasn’t my birthday everyone was celebrating – it was America’s!

Best advice received: If (your current problem) is the worst thing that is happening in your life right now, you’re doing just fine. (Thanks, Mom!)

In my spare time, I like to: Paint, practice yoga, learn Spanish, participate in Toastmasters, create wire jewelry, rock climb, fossil hunt, foster dogs, and take dance lessons.

One thing that most people don’t know about me: I can say my alphabet backwards!

Professional accomplishment I am most proud of: Being a master of adaptability! In my job, I’m required to wear many different hats, depending on the time of day and the task at hand. This type of environment necessitates being open to accepting and embracing new experiences and challenges, which I very much am. I appreciate the trust that has been extended to me and I look forward to meeting and exceeding all expectations of me!

Henry Copeland
Henry Copeland Bookkeeper
Henry maintains SRF’s financial records by establishing accounts, tracking transactions, and ensuring legal requirements compliance. He diligently reconciles SRF’s accounts to ensure their accuracy and maintains an orderly accounting filing system.

Two things I can’t live without: Family and fast food – yum!

I most admire: Our armed forces.

Best advice received: Act enthusiastic and you will be enthusiastic.

In my spare time, I like to: Fish, read, and watch/play golf!

One thing that most people don’t know about me: I have an identical twin brother.