June 2015

Miles: The Case of the Pop Can Crush

June 29th, 2015|

My story began on the evening of March 12, 2006 when we experienced a ferocious storm. My wife and I heard water dripping over our heads from the attic.The next morning the storm continued to rage and water continued to drip, so I decided to go up into the attic to find the leak.

When I got up there, I […]

Dennis’ Extreme Obstacle Course Races Post Fusion

June 4th, 2015|

Back Story:
I am an athlete, and my training routine would include things to maintain strength and flexibility.  But as my issue was structural, there was only so much I could do.  The pain was persistent, and it  affected my activities; I simply learned to cope. I would have periods where the pain would become bad […]

March 2015

Joseph is "Back in the Game"

March 19th, 2015|

Back Story:
In early September of 2012, while training with my ice dancing partner for a national competition, I had a very hard fall, resulting in two broken ribs on my left side.  Having broken bones while training at least seven times before, I didn’t think too much about it and continued our training.  A few […]

Susan Living Pain Free

March 14th, 2015|

Back Story:
Ten years ago, I was skiing off trail on a very steep terrain when I hit ice, which sent me tumbling backwards down the mountain and eventually hitting a small tree.  I was airlifted off the mountain and treated for injuries to my chest and a concussion. When I returned home from my ski […]

January 2015

Joseph’s Bright Future

January 25th, 2015|

Back Story:
In my high school freshman year, back pain became increasingly debilitating for me.  As I was growing taller, the plainly evident scoliosis (curvature), spondylolisthesis (misalignment), spondylolysis (stress fracture), stenosis (narrowing around the nerves), and other findings on numerous X-rays, CTs, and MRIs began to cause pain that increasingly took over my life.  I was interested […]

March 2014

Paul’s Story

March 29th, 2014|

Back Story:
The onset of my spinal symptoms included itching on my arms and back of my neck, muscle weakness, stiffness, aching, lack of sleep, and constant pain in the back of my neck down to between my shoulder blades. I decided to address these symptoms with a surgeon who performed an anterior cervical fusion in […]

Mary Lou’s Story

March 1st, 2014|

Back Story:
When you are 73 years old, most people have some aches and pain primarily from arthritis as I did, but nothing dramatic.  I have always been an extremely active person and have participated in some sort of formal exercise for the past 40 years (before that, chasing five children kept me in shape).  My belief […]